New Tenkara Book by April 2013!

David Dirks had a great idea for a book: put together a list of tenkara topics and get a range of tenkara anglers to give their opinions on them. And that’s exactly what the soon-to-be-released Tenkara Fly Fishing: Insights & Strategies is. You’ll recognize a lot of the names in this book (including yours truly) giving their tips, tricks, advice and opinions on all things tenkara. To give you a sneak peek, here is an outline of the book’s contents:

1. Ancient Tenkara: A Short History

  • Short history of tenkara fly fishing

2. The Essence of Tenkara Fly Fishing

3. Tenkara Fly Rods

  • Selecting Tenkara Rods

4. Tenkara Lines & Tippets

5. Casting techniques for Tenkara

6. Tenkara Flies: Traditional Flair with Practical Applications

  • Insights for fishing traditional tenkara fly patterns
  • Match-the-hatch versus traditional tenkara one fly
  • Tenkara Advantage: The art & science of manipulating the fly
  • Other fly pattern applications for tenkara (traditional American dry flies, nymphs, streamers and bucktails)

7. Tenkara Fly Patterns: Traditional meets Non-Traditional (this is the new chapter on tying specific patterns)

8. Fishing with Tenkara

(Note: focuses on how to fish each of the following types of water effectively using tenkara equipment)

  • Riffles
  • Pools
  • Eddies
  • Pocket water

9. Tenkara Fishing Strategies for Small Water

10. Tenkara Strategies For Larger Water

11 . Tenkara Strategies for Fighting Fish

12. About Our Tenkara Contributors

For those of you who don’t know David Dirks, he is an outdoor writer for the Times Harold Record. I was honored to be part of this project and think it will be a substantial contribution to the still lacking body of print media on tenkara in the English language. The book is scheduled to be released by March 31st, 2013. Oh and can you guess who that is on the cover?

Author: Jason Klass

Jason is an avid fly angler and backpacker. As a former fly fishing guide originally from Western New York, he moved to Colorado and became an early adopter of tenkara which perfectly suited the small, high altitude streams and lakes there. He has not fished a Western-style fly rod for trout since.

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  1. Ah man, not in time for the fly fishing show here in California!

  2. Hi Jason,
    Would you be so kind to inform me, when and where the book will be available.

  3. Hello Jason.Gracias for the report and congratulations for the participation in the project

  4. Hi Oleg, they don’t have a specific date yet. I will post about it when it’s available and where to get it.

  5. I hope this will be offered in a digital format.

  6. Hi Don, yes it will. There will also be an e-book version.

  7. Can’t wait for the book. Maybe some of the manufacturers will get the hint that we westerners are serious about Tenkara and start producing and shipping more.
    PS: Well it ain’t Lefty Kreh, so it must be You or David E. Dirks himself.
    Level lines,
    Bob T.

  8. This is available for kindle. Any one know if they are going to release this is paperback or hardback?

    Mike P.

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