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Rediscovering the Teeny Nymph

It’s funny how easy it is to forget good fly patterns. I was recently...

360° Sakasa Kebari

If you’ve been into fly fishing for any length of time, you might have...

The Caribou Captain

The other day, I found myself thinking about a forgotten fly introduced to...

Nissin SP Pro Tenkara Line

Every time someone asks me to try out a new tapered tenkara line, I always...

Fujino Tenkara Line

A couple of weeks ago, Chris Stewart from Tenkara Bum told me about a new...

Dennis & the Amazing Technicolor Dream Line

I went fishing with Dennis Vanderhowen a couple of days ago. I usually...

Oni Bamboo Handle Rod

The Tenkara no Oni Type I has long been my favorite tenkara rod. It’s...

Tenkara Times Try 360

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll know that...

Tenkara Centre UK Hayase

Tenkara Centre UK just released a new tenkara rod named the Hayase (which...

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Tenkara Podcasts

Tenkara Podcast2/13/2013 Tenkara Podcast Episode 1

Tenkara USA founder Daniel Galhardo & I talk about a range of topics from the one fly approach to long line tenkara.

Tenkara Podcast2/26/2013 Tenkara Podcast Episode 2

Tenkara USA founder Daniel Galhardo & I talk about DIY Tenkara nets, the design of the new AYU Series II, fly fishing shows, and more!

Tenkara Podcast12/19/2013 Tenkara Podcast Episode 3

Joel Ede of Kings Canyon Outdoors interviews me about tenkara. Probably not a lot of new info here for experienced tenkara anglers but some good takeaways for people new to tenkara. The tenkara-specific part starts at 10:38.