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Jason KlassIn this ongoing series, Jason Klass hosts casual conversations with tenkara anglers around the world to explore the most interesting and esoteric facets of our rich sport.

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Ep. 14: North Country Spiders for the Tenkara Angler

“Connecting the dots between the Japanese kebari
& English soft hackle traditions”


Special Guest: Jonathan Antunez

Dark Watchet by Jonathan Antunez

About a month ago, I became enamored with a particular style of fly called the North Country Spider. I immediately recognized that these ultra-minimalist flies have many parallels to tenkara and soon discovered that they’re not only really fun to tie, but also, very addictive!

I knew that my friend Jonathan Antunez had been researching, tying, and fishing spiders for a couple of years, and he graciously agreed to be my North Country Spider mentor!

So in this episode, I want to share what I’ve learned so far and tap into Jon’s extensive knowledge and strong passion for tying and fishing spiders.

We’ll talk about what North Country Spiders are and their fascinating history, some common presentation techniques, and how they can add a new dimension to your fly tying. We’ll also recommend a few patterns to start with and some great resources if you’re interested in delving in.

But more importantly, we’ll discuss why you should give North Country Spiders a try–especially if you’re a tenkara angler!

About Jonathan Antunez

Jonathan AntunezJonathan has been a student of the art of fly tying and fly fishing since the age of 25. A fateful trip to the Shoshone River in Wyoming converted a bass fisherman into an absolute trout fanatic. His current focus is tying classic wet flies and fishing them with old world technique; namely, fixed-line fly fishing.

Recently, he fell in love with tying and fishing English North Country Spiders, Spanish Moscas Ahogadas (Drowned Flies), and Japanese Kebari. For examples of his work and recent catches, please follow @TroutConjurer on Instagram.

Jon's Spiders

Links from this episode

Tyers to follow on Youtube

Robert Smith
Alex Jardine
Davie McPhail

Where to buy tying materials for spiders

53 Dean Street
Superior Threads

Don’t tie? Buy!

Where to buy North Country Spiders

Yorkshire Dales Fly Fishing
Troutflies UK
The Essential Fly
Island Flies

Jon’s Recommended Reading List

“A Guide to North Country Flies and How to Tie Them” – Mike Harding
“Wetflies”, – Dave Hughes
“Wetfly Tying and Fishing” – Roger Fogg
“Fly Fishing Soft Hackles” – Allen McGee
“The North Country Fly: Yorkshires Soft Hackle Tradition” – Robert Smith

Have you tried North Country Spiders?

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