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How to respool embroidery thread
Jason Klass

How To Re-Wind Any Thread To Fit Fly Tying Bobbins

When I received my early education in fly tying from the old troglodyte cronies at the fly shop, the use of any thread other than one specifically designated for fly tying was as unthinkable. The mere mention of “sewing thread” would produce an awkward pause, followed by a terse, but

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Yaki Sugi Wooden Tenkara Fly Box
Jason Klass

Jisaku-ya Yaki-sugi 6-Compartment Wooden Fly Box

Tenkara-ya is one of my favorite tenkara shops; not just because they have a solid lineup of high-quality Japanese products, but also because they carry a variety of esoteric tackle–things you can’t find here in the U.S.. And in particular, they offer several gorgeous wooden fly boxes (all of which

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Midge Strike Detection
Jason Klass

How to Fish Invisible Flies: Perimeter Strike Detection

There’s “fishing blind” (casting when you can’t see the fish), and then there’s “fishing blindfolded”, which is how many people might describe midge fishing. Sub-#20 flies can be invisible on the water and seemingly impossible to detect a strike with them. But I’ve been using this simple method for many

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jason klass beltpack tenkara
Jason Klass

[Video] Beltpack Update: Version 3 (V3)

Here’s the latest incarnation of my beltpack. I think it’s a significant upgrade in ergonomics that will allow me to conduct my streamcraft more efficiently (and more comfortably). If you’re not familiar with my “beltpacking” system watch this video for an explanation of why I think this is the most

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Tenkara podcast tom davis jason klass
Jason Klass

Ep. 11: Tom Davis’ & Jason Klass’ Fantasy Gear Wishlist

Tom Davis and Jason Klass list the types of gear designs and trends they’d like to see manufacturers adopt (and a few they’d like to see phased out). If you like to talk about your “dream gear” and explore trends in tenkara tackle, this episode is for you!

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Tenkara USA Ukiyo compact tenkara rod
Jason Klass

Tenkara USA UKIYO™ 300 Review

Pocket rods seem to be all the rage these days and Tenkara USA has just thrown their hat into the ring with the the introduction of the all-new Ukiyo. This design is quite a departure from their current lineup, and lighter and shorter than anything they’ve ever produced, so I

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Tenkara no Oni Bamboo Type I
Jason Klass

The Oni Bamboo Grip: More Than Meets The Eye (Video)

 Change Youtube setting to HD for best quality In my 2015 article, I wrote about the virtues of Tenkara no Oni’s hand carved bamboo grips. Most people think they’re merely for aesthetics, but as you’ll see in this video, these grips have beauty and brains! They have a very

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dragontail tenkara talon mini pocket rod
Jason Klass

DRAGONtail TalonMINI 310 Pocket Rod

“A pocket rod that doesn’t feel like a pocket rod” For many of us, one of the things that first caught our attention about tenkara was how compact the rods are. I know the first time I saw one closed, I couldn’t believe something so small scoped out to 11

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Jason Klass Fly Tying Desk
Jason Klass

Video Tour of My Fly Tying Desk – 2023

 Change the Youtube player settings to the highest quality for best viewing Confession: Whenever I visit the home of a fellow fly tyer, I can’t help but snoop around their desk. I find it interesting to see how they’ve arranged everything, which tools and materials they have, what kind

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Undercover Midge
Jason Klass

The “Undercover Midge” & Dry Flies in Winter

Each season carries with it a certain type of fishing that marks the passing of the year as predictably as a fine timepiece. Winter is “midge o’clock” on Mother Nature’s clock, with chironomids being a reliable food source for trout while the hatches of summer go into their hibernation. Mayflies,

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