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Jason KlassIn this ongoing series, Jason Klass hosts casual conversations with tenkara anglers around the world to explore the most interesting and esoteric facets of our rich sport.

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Ep. 13: The Lost Art of the Basics in Fly Fishing

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In our world of instant gratification, it’s easy to get ahead of ourselves when we begin a new endeavor. We want to take shortcuts, skim the literature, ignore details that seem insignificant (or boring). But in this episode, Jason and his guest, Chuck Kaminski, explain why it’s crucial to have a good command of the basic skills in fly fishing if you want to progress as an angler. We identify common issues, explain why they’re a problem, and offer practical advice and resources to help you start off your fly fishing journey right–or (for some of us), brush up on skills we might be rusty on (or just plain overlooked). 

About Guest Chuck Kaminski

“I’ve fished for nearly all my life and have learned much, but on most days when I approach a body of water I feel as if I don’t really know anything….”

Chuck Kaminski

Originally from Wellston; a small village in the northwest section of lower Michigan that sits in the middle of prime trout and salmon territory, Chuck’s local waters included the Manistee, Little Manistee, Pere Marquette, Betsie, Pine and Platte rivers, plus many other creeks and lakes. 

Thanks to his grandfather, his fishing life began at the ripe old age of eight when he laid his hands upon his first fly rod. He’s explored multiple styles of fishing and, today, is just as skilled with spinning and bait casting rods as he is with fly and tenkara rods.

Chuck openly admits that he initially balked at tenkara, but in 2013, he won a Patagonia/TFO Soft hackle tenkara rod as a door prize at an outdoor store reopening in Salt Lake City. A month later, he fished the tenkara style for the first time and from that day forward has been a dedicated tenkara practitioner whose focus is centered towards the traditional form.

He’s a former Certified Fly Casting Instructor, Trout Unlimited Chapter President, Trout Unlimited National Leadership Council representative, and President of a Northern Italy B.A.S.S. Club. 

Chuck and his wife haven’t decided where they want to live when they grow up, but currently reside just outside Oklahoma City with part of the year spent in Northern Michigan.

Outside of fishing, his pursuits include cooking, kayaking, canoeing, cycling, camping, woodworking, and the never ending cycle of home maintenance and repair. 

Fly fishing Basics Podcast

What basic skills do you think

 anglers overlook most?


  1. Silent hidden approach wading with markets shuffling your feet walking right up to the stream bank not looking where you cast your shadow slapping your fly and kind down on the water

  2. Jason & Chuck – very good topics (this will be helpful down the road to anyone trying to learn Tenkara) – fishing with both of you guys on San Juan was a lot fun & very educational

  3. Excellent conversation. I see people trying to circumvent learning any of the skills of Tenkara and just shoehorning Modern Fly Fishing or Euronymphing onto Tenkara. Learn the thing for what it is. Its that simple. It made me a better angler and it will do the same for you. Thanks Chuck and Jason!

  4. Hello guys, this is Kevin and I was with you guys on the San Juan this past March. I am also the guy that Chuck helped out on the podcast at minute 40 when he seen this guy absolutely needed help casting. Chuck was a wonderful and patient teacher and every word he said I still remember in my brain and will always live rent free in my head. I have coached and competed in CrossFit for over 13 years and I can tell you that you can watch every video on the internet about CrossFit. Unless you practice your movements and someone that is experienced (like a coach) is showing you your flaws in real time, you will never know what you could be doing better. The world needs more Chucks that are willing to speak up at newer anglers and give constructive criticism without feeding them the entire Sh*t sandwich all at once. I enjoy Tenkara because the world has gotten so complicated and I feel with a rod, line and a fly my world slowest down where I need it to be sometimes. Honestly, I was just trying to meet nice people and stay out of the way and enjoy myself. Chuck, I will be trying to hit up that ONI Tenkara school soon, hope to see you again.

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