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With a nod to tradition and a passion for Tenkara Americana, the Tenkara Talk Blog features hundreds of gear reviews, fly tying tutorials, DIY hacks, and presentation techniques.

Traditional Tenkara Horse Tail Line
Jason Klass

Traditional Horse Tail Tenkara Line (Basu)

When it comes to lines, perhaps nothing is more iconic of tradition than the horse tail line. To me, its mere mention conjures images of picture-perfect days and buttery smooth casts to discerning trout worthy of a presentation with such classic tackle. In 2011, I made a few of my

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Tenkara Tanuki Barebones Nymphing Rod
Jason Klass

Tenkara Tanuki Barebones Nymphing Pro Rod

At the 2023 Denver Fly Fishing Show, I got to see some of the newer Tenkara Tanuki models in person. I recently wrote about the Headwaters 240, but the other one I was curious about was the Barebones Nymphing Rod (mostly because I wanted to see exactly what earned it

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Tenkara Wading Belt System
Jason Klass

My New EDC: The Fishpond South Fork Wading Belt

Since the day I first picked up a fly rod, I’ve been trying to figure out the ideal way to carry my gear. Like many, I’ve run through the gamut of vests, hip packs, chest packs, sling packs … you get it. In recent years, I’ve been using a kind

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Kura-san Wooden Tenkara Line Spool
Jason Klass

Kura-san’s Wooden Tenkara Line Spool

Anyone who spends 5 minutes scanning my site would probably diagnose me with a mild case of a wooden tackle fetish: fly boxes, tying tools, line spools–basically, if it’s wood it’s good. I normally write about and carry wooden spools made by my friend Dennis from Tenkara Path. His designs

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Jason Klass

Buyer’s Guide: Best New Gear of 2023 (April 1st Edition)

It seems like every year, there are so many new innovations in tenkara and fly fishing gear it’s hard to keep up. This year is no exception, with several leading manufacturers coming strong out of the gate with a raft of breakthrough designs employing the latest cutting-edge technologies and gynecological

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