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Tenkara Fishing in Rocky Mountain National Park

For those of you who couldn’t go fishing today, here’s a little Tenkara porn. At 1:57 you’ll see one method I use to store my like when moving between spots where it might be brushy. Sometimes, I wrap it around the rod instead. What do you do with your line

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The Eclectic Angler

I just ran across a really unique site that Tenkara and Backpacking Fly Fishers alike might find interesting. It’s called The Eclectic Angler and it has a good mix of finished products (such as hand made reels) and DIY supplies for reelsmithing and line making. Of particular note for Tenkara

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How to Make a “French Slinky” Strike Indicator

This easy-to-make strike indicator was invented by the French during an international fly fishing competition and was recently featured in Fly Fisherman Magazine.  It’s basically a monofilament “spring” that is very sensitive and gives you a good visual indication of even the most subtle strikes.  I don’t know if the

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The “Go-To Midge”

Here’s my favorite, general purpose midge pattern. It’s easy to tie and very effective. While you could tie them in any color I mostly tie them only in black. Materials Hook: Tiemco 2488 #20 – 24 Thread: Red 8/0 Abdomen: Hareline Ultra Chenille Micro, black Thorax: Hareline Ice Dub, Olive

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Jason Klass

A Simple Fly Fishing Setup for Backpacking

To me, one of the most interesting challenges of fly fishing on multi-day hikes is coming up with a system that allows you to carry all of the essentials without lugging a 15 lb. vest up the trail.  Although my system is constantly evolving, here’s one that I found works

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Jason Klass

A Fly Vest on Your Shoulder Strap

I’m one of those people who likes to fish my way up to my campsite.  I’m usually not wading so leaving my pack on while I hit pocket water along the way is my typical MO.  Yet, I want quick access to my flies, floatant, nippers, and tippet.  Here’s a

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Tips for Fishing Pocket Water

For many of us, backpacking deep into the wilderness means fishing small streams with a lot of pocket water.  I ran across this quick video demonstrating the high-sticking technique with some tips on how to avoid drag in these tricky little pockets.

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Jason Klass

How to Pack Your Fly Rod While Hiking

A long time ago, multi-piece fly rods were considered junk.  The technology to prevent multiple ferrules from compromising the action of the rod simply hadn’t been perfected yet.  Fast-forward to the present and we are lucky enough to have a multitude of pack rods that cast just as well as

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Jason Klass

The Perfect Backcountry Fly?

For the backpacking fly fisher, choosing flies that are multi-use allows you to save space and carry a lighter, more packable fly box.  I can’t think of a better, more versatile pattern than the humble hair-wing dun.  It’s easy to tie, can represent a variety of species, and is convertible. 

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Jason KlassJason Klass is a former fly fishing guide & casting instructor based in Colorado. He was an early adopter of tenkara in the West and has been fishing the method for a variety of species since 2009. Read more


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