Sakasa Kebari from Tenkara Times

Tenkara Times Sakasa Kebari

I just got a new tenkara rod today from Tenkara Times (review to follow) and it included a free sampling of some of their sakasa kebari.  I didn’t think much of it at first until I opened up the packaging and saw the quality of tying.  These are good tenkara flies.  Here are some closeups if you’re looking to buy (or inspiration to tie) some different sakasa kebari.

Tenkara Sakasa Kebari


Tenkara Sakasa Kebari


Tenkara Sakasa Kebari


Tenkara Sakasa Kebari


People often ask me where they can buy good tenkara flies and it’s nice to see a proliferation of places I can recommend.

Author: Jason Klass

Jason is an avid fly angler and backpacker. As a former fly fishing guide originally from Western New York, he moved to Colorado and became an early adopter of tenkara which perfectly suited the small, high altitude streams and lakes there. He has not fished a Western-style fly rod for trout since.

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  1. Pretty cool freebie….

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